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Your Gateway to Unforgettable Sea Escapades. Experience the thrill of nautical adventures with our top-tier boat rentals. Dive into exploration, relaxation, and boundless fun. Embrace the horizon - your next journey awaits!

Boat Rental

Explore the thrill of the open waters with our exceptional boat rental services. Offering a diverse fleet of top-quality vessels, we cater to all your nautical needs. Whether you're planning a fishing trip, a family outing, or a solo sail, our boats are equipped to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and unforgettable sea adventure. Your journey begins here!

Water Sport

Our water sports service offers you the perfect experience with activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more. Our rentals are affordable and provide you with everything you need for an amazing day on the water, so come and join us for the ultimate aquatic adventure!

What we offer

Book your dream boat vacation now and experience the ultimate adventure getaway.

Sailing Overseas

Unleash wanderlust, sail overseas, and embrace the magic of international waters on our exceptional boats.

Boat Tour

Embark on a captivating boat tour, immersing yourself in scenic beauty and unforgettable sights.


Dive into adventure, snorkeling through vibrant underwater worlds, discovering nature's hidden treasures.


Cast your line, embrace the thrill of fishing, and reel in unforgettable moments on our exceptional boats.

Water Sport

Experience adrenaline-pumping water sports, defying gravity and making a splash on our thrilling boat excursions.

Nautical Exploration

Embark on a nautical exploration, uncovering hidden gems and embracing the allure of the open sea.

Boat Travel

Embark on a boat travel adventure, navigating pristine waters and discovering breathtaking destinations along the way.


Plunge into the depths, exploring underwater wonders and experiencing the magic of diving adventures.

Come experience all the new boats this summer brings.

Embark on an unforgettable summer voyage and explore the latest fleet of boats, promising unparalleled thrills and luxury on the water. Discover new horizons with sleek speedboats, opulent yachts, and endless aquatic adventures.

Premium Class
Majesty of the Seas

Welcome aboard the Majesty of the Seas, the epitome of luxury and elegance on the water.

€899 /Day
Premium Class
Oasis of the Seas

Welcome to the Oasis of the Seas, where paradise meets adventure on the open seas.

€1399 /Day
Premium Class
Symphony of the Seas

Introducing the Symphony of the Seas, the crown jewel of the ocean. This extraordinary boat is a masterpiece of nautical engineering, offering unparalleled luxury and unmatched experiences.

€1009 /Day
Supreme Class
Carnival Vista

Welcome to the Carnival Vista, the epitome of fun and excitement on the high seas. This incredible boat is designed for adventurers and thrill-seekers, offering a wide array of entertainment options for everyone.

Two flints are needed for fire.

Our boats embody the essence of unity, where passengers and crew come together like two flints, launching an extraordinary journey of adventure, luxury and unforgettable experiences on the water.

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